Chamanna Jenatsch CAS in bullet points
  • Situated up in the valley of Bever
  • 2652 m a.s.l.
  • 73 Plätze
  • first hut constructed in 1908
  • rebuilt in 1993
  • Sektion Bernina, hut manager Roli Bühler
  • opening times:
    New Year's Eve
    Ski touring season: mid February - April
    Summer season: end of June - mid October

Hydro and solar power! A small Pelton turbine and photovoltaic panels on the roof provide us with energy, stored in batteries in the cellar.

Gas and wood

In summer we cook mainly with gas, during winter we use additionally the wood stove for heating and cooking.


During summer we have running water from a water source, in winter we pump the water from the nearby river. We have water tanks in the hut to store the water.

Warm water

Beside the Photovoltaic panels, we also have solar panels on the roof to heat up the boiler. Without sunshine, the boiler can also be heating by the wood stove in the kitchen.

Waste water

The waste water from the hut is collected and cleaned in a septic tank.


The hut supply is executed by the big yellow bird of HeliBernina.